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As time passes by, the fashion industry is continuously evolving (or, to be more precise, devolving) into something akin to the food industry, with much of the industry adopting the concept of ‘fast fashion’. This concept is designed to create a constant and ever-growing demand for new clothing. What happens under the banner of fast fashion is that outfits are skimpily constructed and based on trends, which is why they wear out and look dated quite quickly.

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Outfits that come under the category of fast fashion are enough to satisfy a person’s hunger for something new in their wardrobe, but this satisfaction is only temporary. Such clothing is specifically tailored to be based around running fads, and as soon as people get over these fads, they grow tired and bored of it.

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Fast fashion is only a temporary fix for a person’s appetite for new clothes, which means that not only is it useless but also wastes both a person’s time and their hard-earned money.

For those who have no idea as to how they can avoid fast fashion, the following are some of the most effective ways which a person can stay as far away from fast fashion as possible:

Revitalize your old wardrobe

Perhaps the most effective method which a person can use to refrain from consuming fast fashion is to delay having to buy any new outfits for as long as possible. Fast fashion can’t get into a person’s wardrobe if they simply breathe new life into their old clothes instead of buying new ones. If a person simply gathers all the accessories they own (and buys a few new ones), they will have everything they need to make new outfits out of their old clothes.

Ask questions

Who designed the product? Who was involved in the actual making of the product? Where is the product from? To what extent was the wellbeing and safety of the people involved in the making of the product taken into account? If a person wants to make sure that the clothes they buy are not fast fashion clothes, they need to ask as many questions as they possibly can.

Give preference to fair trade clothing

Fair trade clothing is the exact opposite of fast fashion clothing, and that is the reason why one of the best ways a person can avoid fast fashion is by giving preference to fair trade clothing instead. If a person likes an outfit, they should always check to see if a fair trade version of it is available at any online or real-life store.

Purchase outfits that have a positive impact on society

A person can also steer clear of fast fashion by purchasing outfits that have a positive impact on their society. If a person knows who a specific outfit was made by and if the people who made it worked in a safe and sustainable environment and were capable of supporting their families, purchasing it will not only make them feel good but will also actively help them stay away from fast fashion.

Silly trends that only last for a month or two don’t matter. Saving money by using subpar materials is not what matters. Raking in more business doesn’t matter. What matters in fashion is the process, the quality of the products and, above all else, honesty. What matters in fashion – and what should also matter in every other industry – is putting people first for a better world.

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