What's your Carry-on Essentials ? August 25, 2015 10:44

When you’re getting ready to hit the open skies, you always want to make sure your bag contains all the necessities (while also remaining light and manageable). Having in-flight essentials on hand is a traveler’s top priority, which is why a well-stocked carry-on is crucial. From snacks to entertainment essentials, we’ve rounded up five must-haves for fun and easy traveling!

In flight Carry on Essentials | The Nomadic Trails

  1. Scarf. Believe it or not, I find the scarf to be one of the most versatile travel accessories. I use it as a cover-up when I sleep on the plane, a hand-towel when I can't find anything else, a blanket when I get cold, a head scarf to keep my hair back, a tie for my bag etc. The possibilities are endless!
  2. Reading materials. I’m back on the old-fashioned kind of book, but I still think e-readers are fantastic for travelling. They’re light and compact, and you can load them with books before you leave. Too many times I’ve been forced to read lousy books left behind in my hostel’s book exchange simply because they happen to be in English.
  3. Snacks & Water. I personally don’t find airplane food that appalling…but that’s when they actually serve it. Usually they’re pretty forthcoming with food on long haul lights, but it’s still not great to leave your sustenance in the hands of airlines whose idea of hospitality is not what it used to be. Bars, nuts, crackers and cheese, whatever. Also: water. Always water. Staying hydrated helps combat jet lag, apparently.
  4. Brown Leather Passport Cover. Leather passport cover is my savior! I use it to keep my passport clean and safe from torn pages and folds. Remember to bring your Drivers License too! It's smart to bring an extra form of ID and photo copies of each {to put in your checked bags}.
  5. Noise-cancelling headphones. I always thought these things were overrated, until I tried them on a flight. I could not believe the difference they make! This baby is awesome to block out noisy passengers and loud plane noise.