A (more) conscious shopping : a beginner’s guide in this holiday seasons November 26, 2015 16:28

The holiday season is getting closer and Christmas is just around the corner. What does this mean? It means that ‘’Christmas war’’ has started between both online and offline retailers. Everyone is focused on profits. It’s the same every year – there are big holiday sale signs everywhere, even months before the holiday.

How does that make any sense?

This holiday season can be merrier and greener. Here are some simple suggestions to help you be kinder, more conscious and buy smart this holiday season :

1. Start with one product / category

Switching to ethical and sustainable shopping can’t be done at once. You have to go step by step and take things slow. You have to follow one simple rule – shop for a product that you need. Then shop for another product and then for another. This way, you will gradually become used to ethically shopping for things you need. Don’t rush things.

2. Consider the number of uses  

Ask yourself some easy questions like, ‘’Can I wear this item in both business and other occasions?’’ or ‘’is this item for a specific season or I can wear it year-round?’’

The item you buy for yourself must be durable and you should be able to wear it at least 30 times. Make sure it is suitable for different places and weather. This item has to be a serious garment and not too fashionable.

3. Learn more about the brand 

Many companies rely on transparency these days.

They are supposed to share their entire supply chain process, details regarding production and source of the things, rights of their workers and conditions under which their workers work.

You can always ask them about their brand, the origin of the product and so on. You have full rights to it as a customer.

The successful purchase is the one that meets your standards and values. You will notice how good you will feel about your purchase when you know you did something ecological and ethical for our society and planet.

4. Buy high quality and opt for fair trade products only

Start buying high quality products as a step in switching to ethical shopping. Why is this important? It’s very simple – high-quality products last longer. Get rid of one-year wonders and a habit of constant shopping. For example, high quality clothes will make you feel better and look better on you.

How do I know which products are high quality?

This can be very tricky, especially for common people who spent their lives buying cheap and wearable clothes. But it’s easy, really, just make sure you opt for a fair trade product.

5. Recycle and pay attention to packaging

Over 500 billion plastic bags are consumed each year. This is an ecological disaster, since they are made of petroleum. So, you do the math, how much barrels of oil are needed for the consumption of bags this high? The answer is 12 million barrels just for the US consumers alone.

According to some new researches, soils, beaches and water are dramatically contaminated with plastic bags. How can you help? Just recycle whatever you can and avoid tons of packaging when shopping.

Be more conscious about bag waste and reduce your own use in order to promote consciousness.

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