Asana Lava Stone Charm Bracelet

$45.00 SGD

When was the last time you looked at the sky? Or touched the earth with your bare hand?

The word asana, commonly translated as “pose”, actually means “seat” or “connection to the earth”. The quality of connection to the earth is steady and joyful.

Lovingly made by home-based industry that also empowers women in the city of Buleleng, Northern part of Bali, who can send their children to school with sustainable employment at a fair wage.

This wrist mala bracelet piece is made from combination of two different beads, round ceramic beads and lava stones. This piece is adorned with tassel, Hamsa symbol, and sterling silver elements.

Lava is a rock formed from magma erupted from a volcano. It is an igneous rock of volcanic origin. Lava Stone usually used for grounding, protection and making a connection to the earth.

• Set: 3 bracelets

• Details: black lava stones, black ceramic beads and sterling silver elements

• Pendent :Hamsa symbol and tassel

• Beads are strung on a durable elastic cord, it fits most wrist size.

•Comes in one-of-a-kind unique designs

• Care + Maintenance: None, product may antique over time

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