Drop Blue Agate Earrings

$75.00 SGD

Make a statement

Blue color is a favorite for evening. We have designed these earrings to turn heads when you walk in a room.

The blue agate holds the qualities of Royalty and Mysticism. Energetically, it moves energy in a spiritually uplifting way.

The irregular-shaped stone reveals its unique banding pattern when the stone is sliced and polished. No two agate pieces are same.

Primitive man, of artefacts and power symbols - and ancient history with amulets that would protect and divine.

The Nomadic Trails artisan has carefully set the agate piece with metal prongs. The chain like loops provide that extra oomph to the gorgeous stones.

This piece can be paired with any jacket or coat to look impressive for a perfect semi formal look.

• Two blue agate stones.

• 22k Gold plated over brass

• Approximate length 6.5cm, width 2.5cm, Height 0.7cm.

• Comes packaged in The Nomadic Trails branded gift pouch

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