Leather iPad Case - Dark Brown

$90.00 SGD

Grab your iPad

Multi-functional leather zip case is perfect for organizing your gadgets and important stuff.

This piece is made from genuine cow leather in Brown, with edge & flesh burnished to ensure durability.

This piece is hand-crafted locally in Yogyakarta (Indonesia) by Imagery Bags, an inspiring craftsmanship who have interest in design and analogue photography. Believe in simplicity, durability and timelessness, they travel to many places in search for inspirations and the finest resources to produce the goods.

Made from 100% Genuine Pull-Up Leather in Dark Brown

Left :

One (1) Card slot

One (1) medium size slot (ready to keep your saving book, small notes, or an iPhone)

One (1) Pen Slot

One (1) iPad Mini / A5 Notebook sleeve

Right :

One (1) iPad Mini / A5 Notebook sleeve

Two (2) Card Slots

Hand-held zip case

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